Supporting Missouri’s Economy
Doe Run Spent $229 Million With 980 Vendors From 52 Missouri Counties In 2014. Missouri Vendors Received 47 Percent Of The Company’s Total Supplier Spend, Which Is A 17 Percent Increase Over The Last Five Years.

Supporting Missouri’s Economy

Doe Run spent $229 million with 980 vendors from 52 Missouri counties in 2014. Missouri vendors received 47 percent of the company’s total supplier spend, which is a 17 percent increase over the last five years.

Scouting Supply Chain Improvements

Equipment powers much of Doe Run’s mining and metal production. Operations can stall if equipment requires unplanned maintenance or replacement. Doe Run launched a supplier scouting program in 2014 to improve how efficiently and reliably it could source critical equipment parts and supplies.

“We asked our maintenance and production employees what challenges they face when it comes to having the right supplies on hand when they need them,” said Stephen Ritchie, Doe Run supply chain manager. “They noted that worn hydraulic cylinders, which help mechanical equipment like haul trucks function, could take up to three months to repair. This can be a major setback for our operations, so we wanted to find a local business partner to work with us to repair cylinders, which potentially reduces the need to buy costly new replacement cylinders.”

The new scouting program identified a reliable partner in Parts Tek, a local Salem, Missouri, company, which also helps Doe Run make a greater economic impact in Missouri.

Missouri Spending in the Last Five Years






$133 million
$186 million
$218 million
$205 million
$229 million

The Scouting Process

Doe Run hired Missouri Enterprise, which provides business consulting services for manufacturing businesses, to help identify Missouri companies to support its supply chain. Doe Run previously partnered with Missouri Enterprise through its Supplier Development program, and in 2014, Missouri Enterprise awarded Doe Run the Missouri Impact! Award. (Read more in Awards and Achievements)

 The process of selecting a supplier was comprehensive:

  1. Missouri Enterprise compiled a list of potential Missouri suppliers that could meet Doe Run’s needs.
  2. The top candidates were audited by Missouri Enterprise on criteria, such as:
  • Can the supplier provide the materials needed within the time required?
  • Do they meet Doe Run’s quality standards?
  • Will they be open to working together to identify solutions?
  1. Finally, Doe Run visited companies that met the criteria to evaluate if the suppliers aligned with Doe Run’s standards for safety, sustainability and partnership.

Doe Run will continue to use the supplier scouting program to identify gaps in the supply chain that Missouri suppliers can fill.